What is LEAD Fairfax? An Overview by Nardos King

Nardos King, an education leader, works as the Principal of Mount Vernon High School. As the Principal, she has been praised for her ability to motivate students, establishing programs like 30/30 to assist struggling sophomores, and Men of Vision and Purpose, which helps students develop leadership skills, raise their academic achievement, and counter negative perceptions of black males. In addition to her responsibilities in the daily operation of Mount Vernon High School, King has also served as a LEAD Fairfax AP Cohort Member.

LEAD Fairfax’s mission is to improve student achievement through developing and supporting leaders in education through an education leadership program. Their belief is that change is a process that starts with the school’s leader before it is able to spread to the school system and lead to the academic achievement of all of the students. Therefore, LEAD Fairfax developed a three-year program that begins with professional development sessions in the first year, building leadership at the school in the second year, and impacting the school system in the third year. To evaluate whether the program administered by LEAD Fairfax is successful in improving student achievement, independent evaluations are performed by the Office of Program Evaluation and annual reports are given to the Fairfax County Superintendent, the School Board, and The Wallace Foundation, the source of funding for LEAD Fairfax.

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