About Nardos King

Nardos King is an educator with over 20 years of experience and a talent for motivating students. Ms. King obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Virginia State University and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Special Education at George Washington University. Since then, she has achieved a second Master’s degree in Education Leadership and is now pursuing a doctorate in Education Leadership and Policy.

Since the beginning of her career, Nardos King has demonstrated creativity and effectiveness as an educator. She first held three positions at three different schools in the Lawton Public Schools system in Lawton, Oklahoma. In 1995, she accepted a position with Fairfax County Public Schools, managing funding as a Finance Secretary at Hunt Valley Elementary School. Soon she assumed the role of Finance Officer at Mount Vernon High School. After demonstrating her impressive ability to organize and motivate her students, Nardos King attained status as Principal of Mount Vernon in 2006, a position she still holds today.

In her role at Mount Vernon High School, Nardos King has initiated a number of programs to make students more driven and provide them invaluable real-world experience. Successful programs launched by Ms. King include the 30/30 program, in which 30 sophomores who are having trouble with schooling gain assistance in critical areas over the course of 30 months. She has also incorporated Major Time into the school schedule, allowing all students time to build relationships with adult mentors, read a book, or receive additional help.

This year, Nardos King has added the Students on Academic Rise (SOAR) program, which requires mandatory remediation during Major Time for students with failing grades. Additionally, she seeks to break down obstacles facing African American students through the Men of Vision and Purpose program, which puts 62 African American young men in a leadership class, encouraging professionalism and good academic standing and combating stereotypes of black male youths.

Nardos King received Fairfax County Public Schools’ Outstanding First-Year Principal Award in 2008 for her accomplishments within Mount Vernon High School.


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